National Livelihood Development Corporation

National Livelihood Development CorporationThe clarion call for every administration has been the elimination of poverty. The key to combating this chronic social disease lies in the empowerment of the people in the rural communities. The National Livelihood Development Corporation (NLDC) has been at the forefront of such programs for the past twenty-six years.

The NLDC is taking its responsibility a step beyond by expanding its mission to include educating micro-entrepreneurs – the small farmers and fisherfolk, and members of the relatively new agrarian reform communities in the countryside – on how to wisely use the funds that they have borrowed, on how to save money, and basically on hoe to succeed in their endeavors. Even the lifestyles of borrowers are carefully checked, so that the funds are drummed into the consciousness of NLDC’s clientele. Total support epitomizing the value of steadfastness, is what the agency gives. “Walang iwanan” as the local parlance goes.

SOEMCO became a partner of NLDC in the year 2011.