MASS-SPECCMASS-SPECC is the oldest and the biggest regional cooperative federation in the whole country. It covers 24 out of the 27 provinces of Mindanao with its more than 150 primary cooperatives. It has evolved a number of pioneering services, all geared towards the development of cooperatives to become relevant players in Mindanao development. MASS-SPECC’s record of service to the cooperative realm goes all the way back to its origin in 1966, where cooperative education and training was the flagship and forefront of its cooperative endeavors. The seminars conducted gave coop leaders all over Mindanao the opportunity to discuss their problems and solutions together. Through these activities, a cooperative movement was being forged.

MASS-SPECC’s history is marked by the introduction of pioneering to provide better services to the members. Today, MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center have united more than 150 primary cooperatives from the six (6) regions of Mindanao with presence in 24 out of 27 Mindanao Provinces. With its P305 Million Assets, MASS-SPECC is the biggest regional federation. Over the intervening years of MASS-SPECC continually evolved to meet the changing needs, delivering services to help build viable and people-based cooperatives.

SOEMCO became a MASS-SPECC affiliate in 2006 paving the way for the cooperative’s acquisition of the MASS-SPECC Standard Run-Time Edition, a customized version of the Microbanker, tailored fit for cooperatives. The Financial Intermediation and Consultancy Services. Institute of Cooperative Studies (FICSICS) had really helped SOEMCO in its efforts to be at par with industry standards.